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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kick Movie Review

Cast: Ravi Teja, Ileana, Ashika, Shyam, Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Venumadhav, Ali, Sayaji Shinde, Chalapati Rao, Surya, Jayaprakash Reddy, LB Sriram, Pruthvi, Duvvasi Mohan, Nalini, Prabha.
Director: Surender Reddy

Director Surender Reddy proved himself as a well director with this Film.He was already proved himself as a director with commitment with his debut film Athanokkade. With two successive flops, Surender Reddy could not get any other offer for quite long time.

In order to prove himself, he once again prepared a typical subject and chose Ravi Teja as his hero.Though the first half of the film appeared boring by the time of intermission, it picks up momentum suddenly and the entire second half turns out to be a nail-baiting experience for the audiences.

Ileana is a chivalrous girl. She comes across Ravi Teja, a typical boy, who always looks for a kick in everything. He doesn’t want to happen something as it is and he looks for a kick for achieving something.He could not work in any particular job for long as he feels that the kick is missing after working for some months or days. Ileana’s sister Ashika tells her that she is in love with Ravi Teja. As Ileana knows very well about Ravi, she tries to spoil the
alliance and Ravi falls in love with Ileana.

However, neither Ravi nor Ileana admits that they are in love with the other and both of them pretend that one hates another but they have liking against each other. Once, Ileana tells Ravi that she likes him and they become good friends.

Following Ileana’s suggestion to settle in one job, Ravi tells her that he is working in a software firm, though he resigns it. One fine day, Ileana comes to know that Ravi is lying. This irks Ileana and she chides him like anything. She tells Ravi that she loves him and at the same time hates him. After this episode, Ileana leaves for Malaysia, where her parents are staying. One day, Ileana’s father (Benarjee) brings an alliance, and the boy Shyam is a sincere police officer
in India. Ileana’s father arranges the encounter in a local train and Ileana reveals all her friendship and love story with Ravi, and the latter gets very impressed and agrees to marry her.

In fact, Shyam reaches Malaysia in search of a thief, who robbed bigwigs worth crores of rupees. Shyam realizes that the thief is very intelligent and is doing everything in a planned manner. Shyam learns that Ravi Teja reached Malaysia with the hint given by the letter. After reaching Malaysia, Ravi Teja calls Shyam and challenges him that he is going to rob huge money,
which is in fact unaccounted and is being invested in a foreign firm. After robbing that money, again he challenges that he is going to rob huge party fund, which is about to be circulated during elections and successfully completes the same.

At this Time, Ravi Teja’s father reveals the flashback that his son is doing all those robberies to help hapless children, who are suffering from diseases, which need lakhs of rupees for surgeries and are left by their parents in an orphanage.

In the climax, there is another twist that the defense minister appoints Ravi Teja in place of Shyam to nab the thief. By that time, Ravi Teja completes his mission and helps several destitute children.

Good: Though the hero of the film is Ravi Teja, the director has given adequate footage and equal importance to newcomer Shyam.

In fact, Shyam is adequate in the role as a police officer. He has done his character with style and perfection. Ravi Teja as usual is quite jovial and maintained good comedy timing.

MINUS: The first half of the film is nagging and in order to establish the hero’s character and to explain his attitude, the love track between the hero and heroine is stretched beyond limits testing the patience of audiences.

The audiences, who used to look her only for glamour, could not receive her in a typical comedy heroine role.

The director could not make use of senior artistes like Sayaji Shinde, Jayaprakash Reddy, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Chalapati Rao, as they just come and go in many scenes.

Finally the film as a whole and makes the film an Average Hit.

However, with no good film of seniors and seasoned artistes to compete, the film could run well because of the comedy and the nice action part in the second half.

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